Preppers prepare for doomsday…or not.

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Some people have created bunkers filled with canned goods and artillery and others have taken themselves off the grid completely. They’re called ‘preppers.’ They’re not all preparing for the world to end in 2012 like the Mayans predicted nor are they waiting for Zombies to attack the Earth. Instead they feel its important to possess some practical basic survival skills in the wake of a natural disaster, terrorist attack or the collapse of the power grid.

88 Tactical Instructor Kelly Gaeth grew up on a farm in Iowa, was a Boy Scout and shares a love for the outdoors. He wields a couple backpacks in the trunk of his car filled with knives, rope, tarps, fire kits and even a jar of peanut butter. He teaches people the skills on how to use natural resources to gain water, food, shelter and protection. I met up with Gaeth where he showed me how to make a fire kit out of everyday household items and explains the “one log fire” concept.

Watch the video here. World-Herald Reporter Laura King experienced one of the classes and writes about her experience from inside the emergency bunker.

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